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8 Regt / 27 Sqn RCT

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#1 Guest_David Flynn_*

Guest_David Flynn_*
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Posted 14 June 2010 - 15:58

It is a shame that the reputation and good name of 27 Sqn RCT and 8 Regt RCT are connected to the drivel and foul language that is sometimes published on this site .
The majority of ex RCT and 8 Regt members do not enjoy memories of the drunken rambling of a few dead heads who would never have made the grade in my day. (85 to 87).
We (ALL members of the 8 Regt) had pride and respect for the unit and it's special tasks.
I note that some of the drivel had been EDITED by a moderator. I ask the they EDIT a lot more of the rubbish that shames our Corps history.
We all have drunk more than we should and have done things, at that time, that we should not have done. However it it not clever or entertaining to publish those sessions in our Web journal that is for all ages and readers.

#2 Guest_Crunchie_*

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Posted 15 June 2010 - 11:35

Well said mate, couldnt agree more.

#3 Guest_David Flynn_*

Guest_David Flynn_*
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Posted 15 June 2010 - 11:44

Well said mate, couldnt agree more.

Thanks for your support.. Maybe the moderators will take note. Cheers.

#4 Guest_ToHEAVEN_*

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Posted 23 July 2010 - 20:18

Hello there David,

If you are referring to anything I have included on this site then I am more than willing to consider removing whatever offends you. As for the language it is used in an attempt to mirror the reality of my day when we “swore like a trooper”. It might not have been that way in your day while drinking in the City Bar, which was first found in my day after major fights with the Munster police and other such relatively large scale fights, some of which were filmed by TV camera crews. The day after the large-scale disturbance with the police the CO shook my hand and not one of us were put on a charge because the police, fascist & others were beating sqaddies making their way back to camp.

History, history, if you only knew it, the fact is Two Seven had to take on everyone in the late 70s and that Dave is likely why you were able to sit in comfort in the City Bar in 85 because by late 78 no one would take on the squadron.

It might be that the standards of those in Two Seven were greater in your day than in my day but I suspect that in fact the standards where similar, with that in mind I can say as a Dvr of 8 Reg, with an Exemplary record and commended for my work in Northern Ireland that I am proud to say Two Seven in my day were the Top Dogs.

Edited by ToHEAVEN, 23 July 2010 - 20:28.

#5 Guest_Chris877_*

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Posted 17 May 2011 - 15:39

I must say that I completly agree with what has been said so far in this thread. And yes in every Squadron Regt there was alway an element that would not e able to control their drinking habits in local towns, and sadly it is that reputation the majority of us had to live with. All tarred with the same brush so to speak.

It was so nice to see that this thread has and I am sure will forge this Forum onwards and upwards. No doubt this will get an answer .................

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